If you’re new to houseplants, and are wondering if you’re even capable of keeping something alive, then the snake plant (also called Monther-in-Law’s Tongue or Sansevieria) should be on your radar. Snake plant care is super minimal, and even the least experienced plant parent can keep these beauties alive.

My snake plant was one of the first houseplants I owned. Or at least, one of the first houseplants I owned and didn’t kill within a few months. 

So, what makes the Snake Plant so perfect for beginners? 

Snake Plants Aren’t Picky About Light

Although their ideal is bright, indirect light, they can handle a range of light conditions. I grew my snake plant in a basement room with just one little window for quite a while. It didn’t grow super fast, but it also didn’t die in there. They can handle everything from low light to occasional direct sun. So, even if you have a dim apartment, snake plants will do just fine. 

They’re Not Picky About Water, Either

Snake Plants are technically succulents, which means that they hold water in their leaves. This also means that they prefer dry soil. So if you have a hard time remembering to water your plants, it’s kind of a win-win. Really, the biggest mistake that you can make is overwatering them, or planting them in a container with no drainage. They tend to be more forgiving of these mistakes than a lot of other succulents, though. 

They’re Really Hard to Kill

Seriously, these plants are tough, and very forgiving. Despite years of neglect, inadequate sun and water, and being cramped in a too-small pot, my Snake Plant survived. Once I started being a better plant mama, all it took was one repotting and some fertilizer for it to bounce back to being super healthy and growing like crazy. They aren’t really prone to any pests or diseases, and don’t need much to be healthy and happy. 

They Look Great

For as easy as they are to care for, Snake Plants are a striking addition to any home. There’s just something inherently stylish and elegant about their tall, deep green leaves. 

They also have the benefit of growing almost entirely vertically, instead of branching out and getting bushy like a lot of houseplants. This means that, even in a small room or apartment, you can watch them get pretty big without worrying about them outgrowing your space. 

Snake Plant Care

Caring for a snake plant is about as easy as it gets. Water only when the soil is fully dry, don’t put it right in direct sunlight, and…that’s really about it.  If you want to keep the plant looking pristine, you might also want to wipe down the leaves, since they can collect dust. If your snake plant is fast-growing, you may need to repot it in the spring (or divide out some of the stalks and viola, you have two houseplants!).

But really, snake plants are one of the easiest houseplants to care for. For beginners, or anyone who loves plants, they’re a great addition to any space.