You might be worried that June is too late to get your vegetable garden going or to get new plants started in the ground. But not to worry – June is the month that things really start to ramp up in most climates, and is the perfect time to get planting! Check out this list of the best vegetables to plant in June. 

Root vegetables

young carrot plant

You can plant root vegetables like beets, radishes, and carrots pretty much all season long. Root vegetables don’t do very well as transplants, so you can sow these seeds right into the ground. I like to space these planting out throughout the season so that I have a more continuous harvest. 


sugar snap peas in container

Peas are good early- and late-season crops, since they prefer cooler temperatures. They are a great vegetable to plant in June, especially if you plant a quick-growing variety that will produce its fruit before the worst of the summer heat. You can also find a cooler, partially-shaded area to grow them in. Peas, especially snap peas, do well in containers, too. 


Cabbage prefers cooler temperatures, but if you have a partially-shaded area of your garden that you can keep well-watered, they can be planted in June and harvested in late summer or early fall. If you live in a very warm environment, you may want to wait until July or August to plant cabbage for a fall harvest. 


With temperatures warming up, and the danger of frost over for most areas, June is the time to get your tender, heat-loving plants outside. In most climates, it’s too late to start tomatoes from seed. But you should have no trouble finding a huge variety of healthy tomato starts at your local garden stores or farmers market. 

If you live in a warmer area, you might have been able to plant your tomatoes in mid- to late-May. But early June is a safe bet to get these delicate plants in the ground in most places, while still giving them plenty of time to produce a big harvest before frost hits.


Peppers are another plant that loves the heat. As with tomatoes, if you plan to start them from seed, you’ll want to get them going indoors by early May, but early June is a great time to get established pepper starts in the ground. 

Zucchini (and other summer squash)

young zucchini plant

As heat-loving plants, summer squash will be super happy to be in the ground in June. I usually plant zucchini seeds outside sometime in mid- to late-May. Starting them in early June will still give you a good harvest before the frost hits. Zucchini also do well as transplants, so you can grab some plants from a garden store and get them in the ground in June, as well. 

Of course, there are a lot of other vegetables to plant in June, but these are some of my favorites and ones that I’ve found do well going in the ground in early summer.